Cynthia is the author of two poetic and dramatic reading books,
Inspired By Destiny and If I Could Rewrite the Poetry, two novels, In
nocent Betrayal Melinda’s Story
 and Innocent Betrayal Anthony's Story.
To her credit are two poetic spoken word albums;
Role Model and
Messed up To Be Blessed Up.
      Cynthia was a member of Roni's Backstreet Poetry and has
appeared at the Comedy Store’s Cometri hosted by Roni Walters and TK
Carter.  She also appeared at Marla Gibb's Theatre, Universal City Walk,
The African Market Place, West Angeles C.O.G.I.C. Kiononia and
Coffee, several churches programs and California colleges; The Psalmist
Hour in San Diego Ca, The Ontario Convention Center and the list goes
      Cynthia was featured at Borders Book Store on the Third Street
Promenade in Santa Monica, Ca.  She was seen on the West Coast
Apollo Television Show, L.A. Inside Out and Atlanta Live! She was a
guest on the 860 Love AM radio show Women of Standard three times.
Cynthia displayed her acting talents in an Evening in Elegance at the
Los Angeles Theatre.  She headlined in the poetic, dramatic presentation
of "Visions Through Me". Dancers, actors, singers and poets
accompanied her.
      Cynthia is a licensed Evangelist and the First Lady of Blessed
Assurance Church of God in Christ in Covington, Georgia.  She does
poetic and motivational speaking at women’s groups, colleges, high
schools as well as middle schools.  She also teaches at book
writing/publishing workshops.
      Cynthia was a freelance writer for the Precinct Reporter News
Paper and Spirit and Truth Magazine.  You can catch her on line with
her blog Keeping It Real with Lady Valentine.”
      Cynthia is a transparent writer who deals with a range of issues,
divorce, bitterness, love, father abandonment just to name a few.
Through the Word of God, poetry/spoken word, and testimony, she is
available for ministerial functions, women's meetings, poetry venues,
luncheons, concerts, book signings and more.

      "Cynthia is a fresh new face on the poetic scene.  She doesn’t track in
the step of any other.  She has a completely unique, electrifying, crowd-
moving presentation.  Her rhythm, her energy and creativity will take the
world of poetry charging into the 21st century."
                                        Curtis Dodson
              Poet, Playwright, Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker